Yes, problem is, it only records what I do in Excel (i.e. select and copy the Chart, not how I insert it in the Word doc.). When I try to record a macro of pasteing the Chart in Word, it won't let me select the table where I want to insert the Chart.

Although there's no simple one-click option for turning data into a histogram chart in Microsoft Office for Mac, you can use the chart tools in Excel to create a ...

How to move Y axis to left/right/middle in Excel chart?

In Word, paste the Excel data. In the Word document, move the cursor to the location you'd like your table, and then press Ctrl + V. The table is pasted into Word. You can also click the Edit menu, and then click Paste. If you're on a Mac, press ⌘ Command + V to Paste. How to Copy and Paste a Chart from Excel to Word - YouTube If you have a chart in Excel and want to copy it to Word or PowerPoint then it really is quite straightforward. There is a boonus to this as well because you can paste link which means if data ... 2 Easy Ways to Make a Line Graph in Microsoft Excel - wikiHow Move your line graph. Click and drag the white space near the top of the line graph to move it. You can also move specific sections of the line graph (e.g., the title) by clicking and dragging them around within the line graph's window.

How to Link Excel Data with a Graph in Word or PowerPoint by Jim Gordon Microsoft Macintosh MVP Revised January, 2014 These instructions were designed for users of Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office 2011. The instructions apply to Excel 2008 and Excel 2011 for Mac. Copy/paste from Excel to Word problems! 16.08.2017 · Actually, pasting an Excel range into Word, preserving the formatting and allowing for re-scaling is quite simple: Select & copy the Excel range and then, in Word, use Paste Special > Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object. If you want the Excel workbook to be linked to the Word document, check the 'paste link' option also. With this, you can re How to Copy a Table From Word to PowerPoint | … Microsoft Office 2013 allows you to transfer table data between different programs, such as copying a table saved in a Word document and then pasting in a PowerPoint slide presentation. This copy and paste process saves you valuable time otherwise lost in preparing a duplicate table from scratch. The Word table

How to Insert Excel Charts into Word 2016 - YouTube A nice feature of these Excel Charts is that you can have a separate table of data off to the side to create a graph from. Then simply scroll over until it is not showing, and what you want shown ... PDF Cutting and Pasting Graphs from Excel to Word Cutting and Pasting Graphs from Excel to Word . These instructions will show you how to copy a graph from Excel to Word. This instruction sheet was created using Excel 2007 and Word 2007. However, these instructions should work on earlier versions of Word and Excel, although the selection border and context menus may look a little different ... How to Search Data in Excel on PC or Mac: 9 Steps (with Pictures) How to Search Data in Excel on PC or Mac. This wikiHow teaches you how to search for words or values in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Open Excel on your computer. It's in the All Apps section of the Start menu in Windows, and the...

See how Excel identifies each one in the top navigation bar, as depicted below: (For help figuring out which type of chart/graph is best for visualizing

How to copy a chart from Excel into a Word document |... And, you risk disclosing the source data—and anything else that is in the Excel file—to the reader of your Word document. To paste your Excel chart as an Excel chart object, follow one of these methods: In Excel, click the chart. In Word, choose Edit > Paste Special and choose to paste as an Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object. In Excel, hold down the Ctrl key and click the chart. Make sure it shows 8 hollow round markers on the edge. Do Edit > Copy, or just ctrl-c. Insert a chart from an Excel spreadsheet into Word - Office... From Excel. In Excel, select the chart you want to paste into Word, and then press Ctrl+C or go to Home > Copy. In Word. In Word, select Home, and in the Paste list, choose one of the five Paste Options. How to Export Excel Charts or Graphs to Word or PowerPoint -... How to Export Excel Charts or Graphs to Word or PowerPoint. This guide describes 3 easy ways to export Excel charts or graphs as images so that you can use an Excel chart, graph, or Excel table data you create in a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document, or an Outlook message. Way 1: Copy and paste chart to Word/PowerPoint